Help please

When pregnant i knew i was in need of an housekeeper but i did not take the time i needed for it, i was so consumed with all the other things i had in mind i kept postponing. So when i got out of the hospital the first few weeks were very tough, i had a newborn with who i wanted to spend all the minutes with, the house to keep and 2 dogs to daily walk, feed, etc.

I immediately asked a few companies for a quotation and was appalled with their rudeness and laziness. I talked to an American doctor who lives in Kansas and shared with him my experience, he shook his head reaffirming what i was saying and then stated he was never going to let anyone in his house. I said how bad can it be? are they going to take the toothbrush? He looked at me and said in a very serious tone they might take more than that.

In Countries like Portugal and Brazil it is very easy to find trust able help, people are grateful they have a job. But here cleaning houses is perceived as demeaning. I hear housekeepers saying online that does not define me, if i want to i can get a course. There s a inferiority feeling by some people who clean houses and a constant question in the air do you think you re better than me? I certainly don t think i am better than anyone else or find me in the position to judge anyone. I hear millennials saying it is offensive to treat housekeepers as housekeepers, that you should treat them as friends. I am just offering a job to someone, i am not asking for a friend or an enemie, just an housekeeper and what i ask in return is to be treated with the same respect. I dignify their jobs and their payrolls so why don t they?

This being said, i ended up doing it all myself but i am still in hopes i ll find the right housekeeper for me and my family. I try to minimise the chorus around the house while my son is awake and give him as much attention as possible. I do it all while he s asleep. Meanwhile organisation, dedication, love and patience are the key. Everyday i take time to myself. Can be as simple as taking a bubble bath, watching a movie or ordering my favourite take-out but i really need to feel i am rewarding myself for all my effort. That s the most important thing, taking care of ourselves to be able to care for the ones we love.

Hugs and cuddles,

Maria Monteiro

Author: Maria Monteiro

I am a first-time mother of an 18 months old outstanding boy who insists on not having any sort of fixed sleeping schedules. I am a researcher, writer, animal lover, philanthropist, chef, and full-time mum. Having had such a hard time myself with this new role my goal is for every mother to feel they have someone to talk to and to share thoughts, worries, events. From my heart to yours, here s how i dealt and continue to deal with this beautiful miracle called motherhood.

One thought on “Help please”

  1. Hi,

    Really happy to see I am not the only one going trough it, I thought it was me, I am having the same issue and it is just like you say. I do everything, my husband helps but what did it for me was just to take some time to myself, to be me and rest.

    Great blog, thank you .


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