My Super Baby

Being a first time mother is hard, being the mother of a gifted baby is extremely hard and challenging. Before my baby was born i read several books about good sleeping habits, health and milestones. All went down the drain as soon as my son was born. He completes the milestones earlier, he sleeps less hours or almost none at all no matter how consistent i am and he s always eager for challenges.

Sometimes he sleeps 6 hours a night and 1 and a half hour during the day, sometimes he sleeps 12 hours per night and naps 2 hours during the day; Sometimes he naps in the morning , sometimes he naps in the afternoon; Sometimes he goes to bed at 6pm , sometimes at 10pm, we never know.

I knew i was in trouble when my husband had to leave me alone with my baby for 1 hour at the hospital bedroom. He was 1 week old. I said to my husband oh My God, i don t know if i know what to do when being left alone with him. When my husband shut the door my baby starred at me smiling like he was mocking me and saying don t worry, i ll be a good boy mummy. But even before that, when they gave him to me for the first time, his eyes opened widely and his crying stopped as soon as i told him don´t cry honey, mummy is here. He starred at me the whole time and didn t cry again until we bath him.

So how do we know he is gifted? Here are some signs from which i can tell from his first year of life:

  • An intense look shortly after birth
  • Observing baby – gifted babies tend to be very observant, paying more attention than others to everything that occurs around them and focusing for a longer time than other children their age on a particular object or person. This can start soon after birth or develop as the months go by. So with a month of life, many gifted babies already follow objects with their eyes and smile or make other sounds than cry.
  • Good memory – in babies this may appear in the fact that the little one knows a certain story that you tell him in ALL the possible details
  • Curiosity – gifted babies have a curiosity above normal. These little ones want to understand how things work, so it’s very common to see them dismantling and assembling toys, for example
  • Fast learner – gifted babies tend to have a greater facility to learn. These little ones see something and soon they can do it
  • He s very active and have lots of energy
  • Sleeps less hours
  • The ‘social smile’ appears at an early stage
  • He is very impatient with the lack of stimuli
  • For gross motor: crawls before 6 months and walks before 11 months of age. Other children skip crawling and start walking at 8 or 9 months
  • As for fine motor skills: very developed and can pass pages of a book at 9 months using his index finger and thumb. They are able to assemble puzzles with more pieces than other children with normal development
  • As for language: the child says words at 8 months and with one year old already knows more words than the child with a normal development. Gifted babies often talk before others and learn more complex words before. Gifted babies show early on a fascination with words
  • Also begins to differentiate: calls things by its name and does not use only one word to refer to objects of the same category. That is, he does not call all flowers plants, for example, but distinguishes between rose, daisy, etc.
  • At 2 years of age already speaks in sentences, with verbs with their correct time. Some children are slow to speak, but once they do, they do it very well. Gifted children can skip the phase of babbling
  • Relates in an early manner the facts between them. Something that can happen at two and a half years of age
  • Knows the concept of permanence (hiding an object that must be somewhere and does not cease to exist when not seeing) between 2 and 3 months. Something that happens at 18 months in normal development
  • Non-conformist and disobedient
  • Can manifest anxiety and fears.

The fact that our babies show such characteristics does not mean that they are gifted. But the more features match his behaviour, the more likely you are to have a child with high abilities. Therefore, we as parents should be attentive to the development of our children and provide them with every possible opportunity for them to realise their potential and be happy.

I subscribe an online programme to daily help me with new games and ways to help him succeed at his goals. I pay attention to his interests and try to help him develop them, i read to him and have always lots of toys available and i take him to different parks 3 times per week.

I read and research as much as i can because what i least want is for him to feel frustrated and bored.

What about you? Do you have a gifted child? How do you deal with that? I would love to learn about it.

Hugs and cuddles,

Maria Monteiro

Author: Maria Monteiro

I am a first-time mother of an 18 months old outstanding boy who insists on not having any sort of fixed sleeping schedules. I am a researcher, writer, animal lover, philanthropist, chef, and full-time mum. Having had such a hard time myself with this new role my goal is for every mother to feel they have someone to talk to and to share thoughts, worries, events. From my heart to yours, here s how i dealt and continue to deal with this beautiful miracle called motherhood.

4 thoughts on “My Super Baby”

  1. Hi Maria

    Thank you so much for this post , I have exactly the some problem and I never though what it could be. I feel like a prisoner sometimes but what can we do , my son is very happy and things now are much better since he went to kinder garden, he loves it . It was not always like that in the beginning but after a few days he was coming home tired happy from all the games they do. It seems to me you are doing a wonderful job it will pay off believe me.


    1. Hello Linda,
      thank you for leaving a comment and sharing your thoughts. I am positive my son will love the kindergarten too. The fact that we are worried mums already put us in the right path i am sure.


  2. Congratulations on your blog , finally straight forward information I can use . I will continue following it. I have a son like this and he is a joy and a hand full, it’s hard work but in the end I wouldn’t change it.


    1. Thank you very much Alice, i am happy to learn this information might be of use to you. Thank you for following me.


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