The Journey Begins


and thank you for joining me in this big adventure.

When i became a mother i had no idea the kind of challenges i would be facing, i found myself feeling alone in a rural region of a foreign Country with no friends, no family and worst of all no good prospects.

You see, i had been travelling around Europe living in Countries like Netherlands, England and Portugal when i landed in rural Kansas. I did not identify with the life style or the majority of the people but i wanted to be have a baby and to give him the World. Because if the world were to be Europe and USA then i would be accomplishing that mission.. when he is about to be 18 he can dwell like i always did through It, no paperwork required..

But i didn t expect to have so many mixed emotions, to discover strengths and weaknesses i never thought i had and in the end to gain so many grey hair.. yes, i now have more regular appointments at my hairdresser.

I rediscovered myself, my husband, our relationship, me as a mother and the world. Malice gained a new meaning, every single action is now measured, analysed, carefully though ted. In the end all that matters is `how is the baby?`.

I found out so many people want to explore your new `weakness` and so many people want to support it..

All my doubts vanished, i was never so sure about what my goals are. I had no one to turn to but a few people online who sometimes did more damage than good but you need to keep going, to push forward because that s what life is all about right?

Hugs & cuddles,

Maria Monteiro