Help please

When pregnant i knew i was in need of an housekeeper but i did not take the time i needed for it, i was so consumed with all the other things i had in mind i kept postponing. So when i got out of the hospital the first few weeks were very tough, i had a newborn with who i wanted to spend all the minutes with, the house to keep and 2 dogs to daily walk, feed, etc.

I immediately asked a few companies for a quotation and was appalled with their rudeness and laziness. I talked to an American doctor who lives in Kansas and shared with him my experience, he shook his head reaffirming what i was saying and then stated he was never going to let anyone in his house. I said how bad can it be? are they going to take the toothbrush? He looked at me and said in a very serious tone they might take more than that.

In Countries like Portugal and Brazil it is very easy to find trust able help, people are grateful they have a job. But here cleaning houses is perceived as demeaning. I hear housekeepers saying online that does not define me, if i want to i can get a course. There s a inferiority feeling by some people who clean houses and a constant question in the air do you think you re better than me? I certainly don t think i am better than anyone else or find me in the position to judge anyone. I hear millennials saying it is offensive to treat housekeepers as housekeepers, that you should treat them as friends. I am just offering a job to someone, i am not asking for a friend or an enemie, just an housekeeper and what i ask in return is to be treated with the same respect. I dignify their jobs and their payrolls so why don t they?

This being said, i ended up doing it all myself but i am still in hopes i ll find the right housekeeper for me and my family. I try to minimise the chorus around the house while my son is awake and give him as much attention as possible. I do it all while he s asleep. Meanwhile organisation, dedication, love and patience are the key. Everyday i take time to myself. Can be as simple as taking a bubble bath, watching a movie or ordering my favourite take-out but i really need to feel i am rewarding myself for all my effort. That s the most important thing, taking care of ourselves to be able to care for the ones we love.

Hugs and cuddles,

Maria Monteiro